Residence in Kiev for foreigners and citizens of Ukraine. Registration of residence in Kiev

The registration or registration of the place of residence is stamped in the passport or issued in the form of a paper certificate and entering information about the place of residence on an electronic chip on an ID-card.

There are many reasons for obtaining Kiev registration.

Who needs a residence permit and why?

Registration of the place of residence (registration) of citizens as well as foreigners who permanently or temporarily reside in Ukraine is mandatory in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine.

Grounds for obtaining a residence permit:

  • Buying your own apartment or room in the living room. As the owner of your property, you can register in it without any problems.
  • Registration with friends. Not the worst option.
  • Buying a residence permit. The problem is that the probability of being deceived by buying a residence permit from people from message boards is very high. Some attract attention with a low price and short lead times, while others take large prepayments and disappear.
  • Through specialized companies. The best option, based on the size of the finances spent and the speed of obtaining a residence permit.

The main thing to remember is the requirements of the Law that registration documents are submitted and received personally at the administrative services center.

List of required documents:

  • passport of a citizen of Ukraine, residence permit in Ukraine, temporary certificate of a citizen of Ukraine, residence permit, refugee certificate;
  • administrative fee for administrative services (receipt of payment);
  • application for registration of place of residence;
  • military ID or registration certificate - for citizens of Ukraine;
  • application for registration of place of residence;
  • a lease agreement for the premises at the registration address or other documents confirming the right to register a place of residence.

Registration of a place of residence is carried out with the consent of the owner of the premises, which is required to produce documents proving ownership of this premises.

With registration, an extract is made from the previous place of registration, in connection with which, an additional application is submitted for deregistration of the place of residence.

Registration in Kiev - the order. Order

Registration in Kiev is possible thanks to the algorithm of the following actions:

  • You call us and voice the area of ​​Kiev in which you would like to register your place of residence.
  • We select the address for you, prepare the necessary documents and set the date for submission of documents for registration.
  • You, our lawyer and the owner of the premises arrive at the administrative services center at the appointed time and date.
  • Our lawyer checks and prepares all the necessary documents.
  • You and the owner of the premises submit a package of necessary documents.
  • You receive a coupon indicating the date of receipt of the document on registration of the place of residence (the next day, after submitting documents).
  • You yourself pick up the finished document on the registration of your place of residence in Kiev.

Cost of registration in Kiev

Registration of residence in Kiev from the law company Business Parts costs:

  • registration in Kiev for 1 year - 3 000 UAH
  • registration in Kiev for 3 years - 6 000 UAH
  • registration in Kiev for 5 years - 8 000 UAH

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